I design with purpose
and passion

"Life isn't about material things. It's about helping others and doing my part to make the world a better place. And I can do that through art, design, creating, and building brands.
I design with purpose and passion."

- Danielle Shearer, CreativDirector

At CreativCat, we aim to help others impact their community & environment for a better tomorrow, one brand at a time.

Our mission is to equip purpose driven businesses with authentic brands that connect, impact, resonate, and help them leave their mark.

The Mountains

and Their Life-Changing Impact

The very first mountain peak that I climbed had a lot of altitude gain and a false summit. In order to reach the top, I had to overcome miles of trails and steep boulders. To make matters worse, I’m afraid of heights! Why, you ask, would I even put myself in that situation?

I faced that mountain because I wanted to both conquer and grow stronger. I was able to push back those thoughts telling me to give up and turn back.

I made it to the top.

When I got there, the view was remarkable. I have never felt so accomplished, empowered, strong, and confident in my life. I felt truly alive. The outdoors have had a significant impact on me.

With the challenging state of our world, our environment, and the struggles that everyone has faced over this last year, for this summer I decided to set a goal to complete reaching my 20th 14er (mountains that are 14,000 feet or higher) by the end of summer. I completed that goal with a few extras.

I overcame my goal.

Saddle between Castle Peak & Conundrum Peak. Elk Mountain Range, Colorado

LA Plata Peak
Sawatch Mountain Range, Colorado

As an athlete, I needed to do something for myself: remain active and healthy, reset mentally, take on new mountains (whether it's skiing or hiking), continue to reach my goals.

To me, being an athlete means setting and achieving your personal goals, something only you can do, no matter how extreme or challenging it may be. This feeling of achievement and the freedom that comes with it is why I love everything about the mountains. They allow me to be who I truly am, and I must say, the views never get old. I think it is also important to realize that sometimes, whatever the reason, you may not be able to achieve a specific goal during your timeline.

And that is ok. But don’t stop trying.

And that is ok, that just means to not stop trying.

This past summer, I reached that 23rd peak by climbing more than I ever have (eleven peaks plus two repeats in total during 2020 alone). Reaching another milestone has only empowered me to continue strong in this journey.

And I’m encouraged to help equip others with the branding tools they need to do the same.

At CreativCat, we have discovered that we are passionate about both the outdoors and health and well-being. And there are organizations, causes, and clients that we want to work with to help further their mission.

Saddle between Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks, San Juan Mountains, Co.

The Military

Taught Me That,
"I can"

When I joined the United States Coast Guard, I thought I was physically prepared for anything. I had been training for months, anxiously awaiting basic training. But a few days after arriving, I realized that I was anything but prepared.

Our company commanders pushed our mental and physical limits from sunup to sundown. I've never felt so tired, exhausted, or mentally drained in my life. I even remember falling asleep while standing at one point.

But I pushed through. I knew I was where I was supposed to be and understood that doing whatever it took to overcome in the military would play a significant role in my personal and professional journey.

I drew on my strength from God, the sacrifices my family made (especially the hard-working men in my life), and my close friends. I also wrote a lot. Writing helped get me through some tough days, not only in basic training but also throughout my enlistment.

Being a female in a male-dominated rate came with its own challenges. I pushed myself to keep up with the men physically and tried my best to carry my own weight while underway. I found out that I get horrible sea-sickness, by the way. I worked hard, didn't quit, and discovered that I could learn almost anything if I put in the work.

Completing my last law enforcement mission in
Port Arthur, Texas

Advancing to E-5, Petty Officer 2nd Class in
Port Arthur, Texas

Those difficulties and demands developed a strength within me that I didn't know existed. I found incredible grit, determination, and the ability to achieve amazing feats. I simply decided to say, "I can."

I eventually completed my four-year tour and chose to chase other dreams and goals. I would go on to marry the love of my life, start a family, continue to lead others in various capacities, and never stopped writing.

The challenges I face today might look different than the ones I encountered in the military, but that season of my life changed me. So when I decided to go after another lifelong desire of mine, I had the confidence instilled within. I reminded myself that, "I can."

God opened the door to launch my writing career, and I grew to love branding. My marketing education, leadership experience, and copywriting abilities, coupled with completing a thorough brand strategy course, enabled me to become a brand strategist.

I'll continue to do whatever it takes to help others achieve great things.

Tactical training at my first unit in St. Inigoes, Maryland

Survival Guide

An accomplished personal branding expert should ask you substantially in-depth questions before the design process even begins. The reverse is also true: prospective clients should ask about the personal branding expert’s experience and view their portfolio.