Pandan Tea Leaf
Featured Case Study

When Mariah approached us about her new business venture, we were captivated from the beginning. It wasn’t just her unique product or the ritualistic, connective, and explorative experience she wanted to offer. It was her powerful story, her “why” behind her new venture, that excited us. We knew we wanted to be part of this impactful dream. And we aspired to help Mariah bring her vision to life.

Mariah’s story began when she traveled to Vietnam for the first time. The trip would change her life in more ways than one. She and her friend left one world and stepped into another after making their way to a local spa. The entire encounter put her at ease as she drank the most delicious tea she’d ever tasted. But, she discovered more than just Pandan. This experience was the catalyst of a lifelong journey of learning about herself, different cultures, and the environment all around. That moment impacted Mariah so much that she now aspires to create and share that kind of extraordinary, ritualistic experience with others.

At CreativCat, we helped Mariah hone her mission and vision, discovered who her audience was, defined what made her stand out in her positioning, developed her brand persona, and crafted a resonating message and identity. This foundation equipped her to move forward and achieve her goals and vision. Her brand would also give her all of the fundamental tools for advertising, marketing, content creation, website development, and more.

So grab a cup of tea (or coffee!), and join us as Mariah Lafey, owner of Pandan Tea Leaf, shares her brand strategy experience, the beginning of her remarkable new chapter.

  • Can you give a brief description of you or your company?
    We create feel-good experiences with herbal teas (cookies too) made from an herb yet to be uncovered in the United States. That herb is Pandan.
  • What challenges were you experiencing before purchasing CreativCat’s Brand Strategy Service?
    I was just getting started with my business. While I'd worked with CreativCat on a logo design in the past, I knew I needed more help uncovering the meat behind my business and putting that into words. I needed a strategy that would go beyond the visuals of an amazing logo - which I also got!
  • What trends in your industry drove the need for our service?
    The tea industry is picking up speed, but there are tons of other tea companies out there too, so I needed help figuring out how to make Pandan Tea Leaf stand out from other businesses.
  • What trends in your industry drove the need for our service?
    The tea industry is picking up speed, but there are tons of other tea companies out there too, so I needed help figuring out how to make Pandan Tea Leaf stand out from other businesses.
  • Did you have or explore a previous solution that stopped working? If so, how did your needs change?
    Not really. While I am a writer and marketer myself, I typically take the approach of "I know this stuff and shouldn't need to pay someone to do it for me." That said, it's a lot harder to be objective and creative for your own projects.
  • What may have happened if you didn’t get a solution?
    I would not have an as-aligned and consistent message that could weave through my business. Building this strategy inspired new ideas and made it easier for product naming. Plus, I have this incredible go-to resource that I can always turn back to when creating content, answering questions, deciding what direction to take next, and so much more.
  • What caused you to seek a solution like a brand built on strategy?
    I've worked with CreativCat in the past, and even just having my logo designed was life-changing for my business. So, when it was time to create my next logo, they were an obvious choice. And when I learned they'd expanded their offerings, it was a clear choice to step up my game. I trust them!
  • What pain points were you experiencing before working with CreativCat?
    In general, I was simply having a hard time moving forward. Although it can be tempting to just cobble this type of work together on my own, I didn't want to spend the time doing that when ultimately, I knew I would need external experts to help in the future. So, it seemed the best choice was to do it right from the start so I could hit the ground running.
  • Is there a particular part of the service you like the most?
    Their professionalism, trust, ongoing engagement, and authentic enthusiasm for what I’m creating.
  • What benefits have you experienced since working with CreativCat?
    They are easy to work and communicate with, and the process inspired new ideas. But, most importantly, they delivered a clean, easy-to-use guide.
  • What’s the best thing about working with CreativCat?
    The CreativCat team.
  • What plans do you have to use CreativCat's solution in the future?
    Packaging design.
  • Would you recommend this service? If so, why?
    Yes, because they are amazing!

We loved working with Mariah, helping bring her Pandan Tea Leaf vision and dream to reality through a brand built on strategy. For more on Pandan, click here!

Bringing over a decade of branding experience, our CreativCat team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you’re equipped with a framework for lasting achievement with your dream. For more information, click here to pounce on a call, and let’s start blazing your trail!